Kobalt Air Compressor Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

Kobalt Air Compressor Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

About Kobalt Air Compressor:

Kobalt Air Compressor- An air compressor converts power by using an electric motor, gasoline engine, or a diesel engine into potential energy.

Kobalt Air Compressor
Kobalt Air Compressor

This potential energy is accumulating in pressurized air, i.e., compressed air which is then used to re-pressurize the tank.

There are two phases in which an air compressor works: the release operation and the compression operation.

You can compress air in multiple ways, which include rotary screws, reciprocating pistons, and centrifugal compression.

There is variation in the compression release, and it is calculating in cubic feet per minute.

For the ones who don’t know, Kobalt Air Compressor is the brand of Lowes.

These compressors are developing for the Lowes Home Improvement retail store by several unique air compressor companies. Lowes owns none of the companies developing Kobalt Air Compressors.

The Kobalt Air Compressors run on electric motors. These air compressors come in compact styles. The motors range from 1.5 HP to 5 HP.

These motors power an assortment of Kobalt Air Compressors. If the 3-gallon tanked units are small, then they are powered by motors with a range of 1.5 HP.

The vertical fixed style units having an 80-gallon tank are powered by motors with a range of 5 HP.

In 2014, 12 different models of air compressors were offering by Lowes. Ten of the models were in size range of 1 ½ HP on tanks of different sizes.

The Kobalt Air Compressors can be categorised as mid-use. We can use these air compressors for our home, or our workshop.

If we assume that the use of compressed air would be incremental, we might buy a Kobalt air compressor for work. If we want a compressor that can work five days a week, the Kobalt air compressor would not be it.

Top Chart Of  Kobalt Air Compressors

ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
Kobalt 2-Gallon Portable Electric Twin Stack Air Compressor

Kobalt 2-Gallon Portable Electric Twin Stack Air Compressor

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Portable Electric Twin-stack Quiet Air Compressor

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Portable Electric Twin-stack Quiet Air Compressor

Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank

Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank

Kobalt 0300841 8-Gallon Portable Electric Horizontal Air Compressor

Kobalt 0300841 8-Gallon Portable Electric Horizontal Air Compressor

Kobalt 12-Volt Multi-Purpose Air Inflator

Kobalt 12-Volt Multi-Purpose Air Inflator


Why Should You Use “Kobalt Air Compressor”?

An air compressor can perform various functions, including cleaning operations, pneumatic device activation, and air transfer.

An air compressor can be used for various industrial and commercial purposes. There are many electric tools which use air compressors.

Nail guns, air sanders, blow-guns, sandblasters, and spray-guns, etc. require an air compressor to work.

Applications requiring purging systems use air compressors to get rid of unwanted fragments.

If the compressor is capable of more horsepower, the air delivery becomes more powerful as well.

If you are in search of an air compressor, Kobalt Air Compressor Reviews suggest that Kobalt air compressors are the right option for you.

So if you compare it with other air compressor brands, you can find it anywhere and rather cheap.

As Kobalt air compressors are readily available, so, you don’t have to go around looking for the air compressor you need.

Opting for Kobalt air compressor can save both, your time and money. Kobalt air compressors come with quality and affordability, providing you with satisfaction level that no other air compressor can.

Lowes also offersKobalt Quiet Tech Air Compressor which gives the benefit of the low noise level. Once you get rid of your portable air compressor, Quiet Tech is going to be music to your ears.

Checking Lowes website for Kobalt air compressor reviews can tell you that many customers have made verified and honest purchases.

Market popularity of Kobalt air compressors:

With the consistent flow of Kobalt air compressors, the work is making smooth and mess-less.

Kobalt air compressors provide us with different types of air compressors which include electric, coupler, and universal coupler.

The Kobalt air compressors give both, portable and non-portable air compressors and you can choose what suits you.

The Kobalt air compressors come in different tank styles which include horizontal, vertical, twin-stack, and hotdog.

You can select the type of compressor according to your preference. Kobalt air compressors come with two pump types, one is the oil-free, and the other is oil-lubricated.

You can opt for the air compressor with any of the two pump types.

Lowes offers Kobalt air compressors which have two models in terms of stages. One type of Kobalt air compressor is the single stage compressor, and the other type is the two-stage compressor.

If you opt for Kobalt air compressors, you get to have many choices and can choose according to your needs, preferences, and budget.

Deciding what you believe is right for your work is bound to give you peace and satisfaction.

With Kobalt air compressors, you have the freedom to choose whatever you like or want, keeping in view your budget.

This helps you in maintaining your budget and getting on with your work efficiently and effortlessly.

Keep in mind that Lowes sale Kobalt air compressors but they don’t take the responsibility of fixing them.

We don’t see any after sales service department connected with Lowes.

Because Kobalt air compressors are developing by various companies, finding service for these compressors won’t be easy.

Product Reviews

1. Kobalt 2-Gallon Portable Electric Twin Stack Air Compressor

Kobalt 2-Gallon Portable Electric Twin Stack Air Compressor
Kobalt 2-Gallon Portable Electric Twin Stack Air Compressor

Product Details:

This Kobalt 2-Gallon Portable Electric Twin-stack Air Compressor consists of 25-ft recoil hose.

It is a quick coupler air compressor for smooth operation. It comes with both, a male quick plug and a female quick plug.

This compressor has inflation needles, high pressure nozzle,tire chuck,blow gun and sealant tape. The pump is oil-free.

You get extended use only with one fill by its less maintenance 125 max psi working pressure. It has an integrated control panel and a big regulator knob.

It has a sturdy frame to protect the motor and the pump from any damage.

This air compressor is a good option for staplers, brad, inflation and recreational jobs.

The weight of this Kobalt air compressor is 24.2 pounds. The dimensions of this compressor are 15.5×12×15 inches.

Corded-electric is the power source, and it allows 120 volts of the voltage. The hose length of this compressor is 25 feet, and it has one handle.

This compressor is a portable compressor.

Top Features:

If you want a compressor which you can use around your house for blowing up floats or sports balls, this Kobalt 2-gallon air compressor is the best option for you.

You can also use this compressor to get rid of the debris and dust from your shop. Another function that this compressor can perform is pin nailing.

It is also using to clean the mess around the work site.

Buy It On Amazon
Buy It On Amazon


Kobalt air compressor reviews suggest that it is a good option for you if you are a beginner. This compressor is very easy to manage. Being portable makes this compressor very handy.


This product can not be used for big projects, and the parts replacement can be challenging.

2. Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Portable Electric Twin-stack Quiet Air Compressor

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Portable Electric Twin-stack Quiet Air Compressor
Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Portable Electric Twin-stack Quiet Air Compressor

Product Details:

This Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Portable Electric Twin Stack Quiet Air Compressor is a portable air compressor.

This product has a 150-PSI electric twin-stack compressor. The unit is 4.3 gallon. You can use this air compressor for brad or staple nailers.

It has an induction motor of 1-HP with two pumps. That has oil-free pumps which are heavy-duty and are maintenance-free.

It consists of a control panel which is integrated and comes with a regulator.

The compressor is a quick coupler which features one-hand push for the smooth operation.

You can monitor outlet pressure and the tank pressure with the help of its two gauges.

Due to these two gauges, you can tell the amount of air which is being used and the amount of air which is left in the tank.

This compressor is making up of steel, and it has a twin-stack style which increases air capacity and doesn’t even require more space.

This compressor has a sliding handle and rubber wheels which offers easy mobility. The weight of this product is 61.7 pounds, and the dimensions of this product are 12×26×21 inches.

The voltage that this compressor requires is 120 volts. This Kobalt air compressor does not need batteries.

Top Features:

It has a tank capacity of 4.3 gallons, and the pump type is oil-free which guarantees a mess-less job.

You can use this product for air brushing and bolting. This air compressor has noise rating 70 decibels or below.

Due to this quiet tech feature, it works noiselessly and helps you do your work peacefully.

Buy It On Amazon
Buy It On Amazon


If you check the Lowes website, you’ll see that 94% Kobalt air compressor reviews recommended this product. For a twin-stack compressor, it is quiet and compact.


Due to its vertical design, space becomes a problem. It is heavy.

3. Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank

Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank
Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank

Product Details:

Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank has a unique design which allows it to perform multiple functions.

It has a high pressured 4-ft hose along with a ball chuck which is using to fill tires. It can act as a reservoir between compressor and tools.

Due to the reservoir feature, it expands the capacity of the compressor. It also works as a portable air supply for staplers and nailers.

You can attach this compressor to any air hose with the help of a ¼-in coupler at the outlet. It has a tank capacity of 7 gallons.

You can fill the tank by ¼-in quick-connect port or Schrader valve. It has built-in pressure relief.

It comes with a drain valve to remove condensation from the tank. This product has 165 maximum PSI. This product does not require batteries.

Top Features:

It is a very well-built high-quality portable air tank. It has a unique, sturdy manifold.

Due to its built-in drain plug at the bottom, accumulated moisture in the tank can be quickly drained.

The air hose is rather long than found in most of the other tanks, giving it a plus point.

This product does not use cheesy plastic fill valve control; hence no leakage is among its top features. It comes within and out fittings and air hook-ups.

Buy It On Amazon
Buy It On Amazon


This product is highly recommending for anyone who wants an air tank for filling the tires of bicycles or mowers.

It is a portable air supply which makes it easy to handle. It has both, male and female air connectors. This product saves your money and time, making it an excellent offer.


This product is comparatively expensive than other air tanks, and it does not come with a shut-off valve at the fitting of the tank.


4. Kobalt 0300841 8-Gallon Portable Electric Horizontal Air Compressor

Kobalt 0300841 8-Gallon Portable Electric Horizontal Air Compressor
Kobalt 0300841 8-Gallon Portable Electric Horizontal Air Compressor

Product Details:

It is an 8-Gallon Kobalt horizontal electric air compressor. This product is a portable air compressor for easy use.

It can be used with a variety of air tool items. That has a voltage of 120 volts. It has 150-PSI working pressure.

Its 1.8-HP copper winding induction motor gives the compressor an extended life. It requires less maintenance due to its oil-free pump.

The control panel of this product comes with 2-in steel case gauges. The brass quick coupler provides easy access and operation.

You can easily move and store this product due to its removable handle and rubber wheels.it has a 6-ft power cord and a strap.

It produces less noise due to its wholly covered pump/motor.

It has a lever handle ball valve for easy maintenance, and many Kobalt air compressors reviews support this product.

This item weighs 49 pounds, and the product dimensions are 26×11×25 inches.It has a voltage of 120 volts and 1.8 horsepower.Its amperage capacity is 12.5 A.

Top Features:

This air compressor has an oil-free pump which reduces the mess. Due to its horizontal design, it can be laid down which uses up lesser space. It can be used with brad nailing, framing nailing, finish nailing, stapling, sanding, spraying, and HVLP painting, etc.The decibel rating is 83 decibels. It is a good option for DIYs.

Buy It On Amazon
Buy It On Amazon


It has the same power as the larger air compressors. It takes little time to get up to full pressure. The assembly of this air compressor is pretty easy.


This product has weak design and pressure fluctuates quite often. The replacement parts arehard to obtain. It creates a lot of noise. This product can be a safety hazard because the regulator can explode. Using it with an extension cord can be a trouble.


5. Kobalt 12-Volt Multi-Purpose Air Inflator

Kobalt 12-Volt Multi-Purpose Air Inflator
Kobalt 12-Volt Multi-Purpose Air Inflator

Product Details:

Kobalt 12-volt multi-purpose air inflator comes with Presta valve adaptor, raft nozzle, sports needle, and carrying bag.

It can plug into a 12-volt power outlet. It has Analog pressure gauge which enables it to show precise PSI readings and tell you if the item has reached its capacity.

That comes with built-in emergency or work light which allows increased visibility while you are inflating different items.

The carrying bag lets you store it or transfer it with ease.

The weight of this product is 5.05 pounds, and the dimensions of this product are 12×6×7 inches.

The material of this product is plastic. It has 12 volts of the voltage.

Top Features:

This product is very compact, easy to use, and comes with its cover. It is a lot less expensive than most of the other air inflators.

It comes with a valve head which is easy to get on and off. The hose of this product is of a good length, and while inflating, it stays upright.

This product is small, light, and portable which makes it easy to handle. It can air up basketballs, bike tires, mower tires, and car tires.

Buy It On Amazon
Buy It On Amazon


This product is an efficient inflator, has excellent finishing, and good heft. It takes up almost no space and comes with four stem caps. It is rather powerful for a small air inflator.


Many Kobalt air compressor reviews go against this product by saying that it is not durable. It is poorly built and can easily fall apart.

The stem can break, and the fuse can blow. The lever for locking the valves easily bends and dislocates. It starts malfunctioning and shuts down quite often.

The quality of this product is very poor, and it has no warranty.

How to Use the Kobalt Air Compressor?

Air compressors enable the usage of pneumatic tools, and it makes the DIY work easy. For the beginners, the compressors are easy to set up and use.

The assembling of the compressors is very simple.

The piston-type, single-stage air compressors are the models which are commonly used around the house or for a work site.

These types of air compressors work nicely for many purposes. The piston works by an electric motor or gasoline engine.

It compresses the air and moves it in a storage tank. The piston is responsible for increasing the air pressure by forcing in more air.

After the pressure has reached its capacity, the compressor ceases running.When you use the stored air to run a tool, the compressor restarts building up air pressure.

The compressors which are two-staged have two pistons. The first piston is used to compress air and force it through a check valve towards the second piston.

The second piston then compresses it more and pushes it to the tank.

To use an air compressor, you have to monitor the pressure gauges and maintain pressure according to the suggested level.

While switching tools, adjust the pressure and when you are finished with the work, release the drain valve.

To use a Kobalt air compressor, the first part suggests setting up the compressor.

Steps to use the Kobalt air compressor:

First, if your compressor is oil-free, you don’t have to check the pump oil level.

If the pump type of the compressor is oil-lubricated, you have to check the pump oil level. Second, you have to attach the hose to the regulator valve.

The regulator valve is usually around metal plug with a hole in the center. To connect the hose, you have to push its narrow end into the valve.

Third, the hose should be attached to the power tool. When pumping a tire, the coupler has to be pushed onto the valve of the tire.

Fourth, after plugging the power tool, you have to connect the compressor into the outlet. You should not use extension cords because by using them, you can cause the compressor to overheat.

The second part includes operating the compressor.

First, you must wear your safety gear which includes your closed-toed shoes and your safety goggles.

This step is essential to run power tools safely. To avoid ear damage, use ear muffs because some devices can be very loud. Second, to test the safety valve, pull it on.

The safety valve is usually near the hose line. To release the valve, tug at it, this should release some air which is a sign that the compressor works.

Third, you have to turn on the compressor which starts the process of pressurizing the tank. Fourth, check for the pressure your tool needs.

Fifth, to match the PSI of your tool, you should adjust the pressure regulator knob. Sixth, now, you can run your device while the tank has air in it.

Kobalt Air Compressor Buying Guide

An air compressor is using to run a variety of works. An air compressor can be used to inflate a tire or to operate a nail gun.

Kobalt Air Compressor Buying Guide helps you find a compressor that suits your job and can handle it well.

Types of Air Compressors

There are different types of air compressors. Stationary air compressors are the tools that you can place in your garage or your shop.

These models are high-horsepower models, and they have large storage tanks. These allow extended and uninterrupted use. They usually have a vertical design.

The compressors which are portable usually have smaller storage tanks. These portable air compressors have handles and wheels for easier mobility.

These portable air compressors are more compact than the stationary air compressors. The portable air compressors come in various styles:

  1. Pancake Air Compressor:

These air compressors are round and have flat storage tanks which are placed on the bottom of the unit. These air compressors are more stable.

  1. Hotdog Air Compressor

These air compressors have a horizontal design and come with a single cylindrical tank.

  1. Twin-stack Air Compressor

These air compressors are composed of two horizontal and cylindrical tanks. These air compressors have more air capacity.

  1. Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

These air compressors have twin cylindrical tanks and have wheels and handles which make them easy to move.

Portable air compressors are a good option if you have light and quick works to perform. The smallest air compressors are the inflators used to inflate tires, small floats, and sports tools.

Air Compressor Power Supply

The most common models are the electric air compressors.

Unlike gasoline-powered models, these air compressors don’t require much maintenance, can work where there is electrical supply, and are quieter.

These are the best option for you if you want a compressor to work indoors.

A variety of these air compressors can operate on 120 volts which are also the household current.

You can use gasoline-powered air compressors for outdoor works or where there is no electricity available.

Gasoline-powered air compressors have more horsepower and can create greater PSI.

But you should not use an electric air compressor in a wet area, and a gasoline-powered air compressor in an unventilated space.

Air Compressor Specifications

The power output of a motor or an engine is indicated by the horsepower rating of the air compressor.

Higher air pressure which is measuredin PSI is generated by higher horsepower.

The higher the PSI, the more air can be stored in the tank which allows you to run air tools for a more extended period.

CFM and SCFM describe the volume of air that is delivered at a specific PSI level.

If the PSI level changes, the CFM value also changes.


Air Compressor Features

Oil-free pump, belt-drive system, thermal protection, adjustable exhaust, multiple couplers, and the included accessories and tools are some of the features which you need to understand in order to choose a model that can handle your job.

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