Best Oil Lubricated Portable Air Compressor [2020 Reviews]

Best Oil Lubricated Portable Air Compressor [2020 Reviews]

The BOSTITCH CAP2041ST-OL Stack Tank Compressor is our pick as the best oil lubricated portable air compressor. One real world comment said it was, “very portable”.

This air compressor ensures maximum versatility by functioning on any of three power sources. High-pressure inflation with automatic shutoff and high volume deflation and inflation are its most outstanding features.

The on-board LED light provides illumination when used in dark places. Setting the compressor to the desired pressure level is quite easy because of the digital gauge.

The compressor is provided with a high-volume hose for quick inflation of all types of inflatables by pushing a button. The HD rubber feet prevent movement while in use.

The air hose is sufficiently long and quickly and easily screws onto the valve stems.

Top Chart Of Oil Lubricated Portable Air Compressors

ImageTitleRatingCheck Latest Price
WEN 2202 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Portable Vertical Air CompressorCheck Latest Price
Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, 8-Gallon Horizontal Oil-LubricatedCheck Latest Price
Metabo HPT EC99S Electric Air CompressorCheck Latest Price
Porter Cable PXCMF220VW 20-Gallon Portable Air CompressorCheck Latest Price
BOSTITCH CAP2041ST-OL Stack Tank CompressorCheck Latest Price

Why You Should Use the Best Oil Lubricated Air Compressor

Best Oil Lubricated Portable Air Compressor

The best oil lubricated portable air compressor is highly durable and produces comparatively less noise.

Though the oil-free compressor is comparatively cheaper, it is not about the money you pay. The oil-lubricated portable air compressor can withstand extreme conditions.

The aluminum cylinders are heat-dissipating and hence this type of compressor runs cooler. This type of compressor is ideal in extreme heat and humidity since it prevents rust formation and dissipates heat quickly.

Professionals, as well as DIY users, prefer this compressor since it is cheaper, less-noisy and durable. You have hundreds of options to choose from in oil-lubricated portable air compressors.

It is quite easy to pull this compressor with its nice handle.

The best oil lubricated portable air compressor normally has a warranty for 2 years that covers repairs and replacements.

This type of compressor can be used all day long with no hassles. Oil-lubricated portable air compressor is very compact and offers a maximum of 135 PSI.

While this compressor can deliver 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI, is can also deliver 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI. Thus the user is always assured of the right amount of pressure.

The pressure out can be controlled easily using switches and other adjustment tools. It is provided with on-board handle and wheels for hassle-free transportation to the job site.

The other notable features include the easy to access drain-valve, two pressure gauges and 1/4 inch NPT quick coupler. The 20 gallon capacity tank is made of reinforced steel.

The overload protection feature of this compressor effectively prevents overheating of the compressor.

5 Product Reviews Of the Best Oil-Lubricated Air Compressor

1. WEN 2202 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Portable Vertical Air Compressor

This is the best oil lubricated portable air compressor for garages, workshops and other job sites.

This compressor ensures 3.8 CFM airflow at 90 PSI and 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI. Handle and wheels are provided to ensure easy transportation.

The tank with 20-gallon capacity is made of reinforced steel for a maximum pressure of 135 PSI. There are two pressure gauges – one to monitor internal pressure and the other to regulate airflow.

The quick-drain valve is quite easy to access. This oil lubricated portable air compressor comes with a warranty for 2 years.

There is a wide network of highly skilled service technicians and the customer helpline is friendly and efficient.


  • When it reaches maximum PSI, this compressor shuts down automatically thereby avoiding overheating.
  • This is a single-stage compressor with air rates of 90 PSI at 3.8 CFM and 40 PSI at 5.0 CFM.
  • There are two pressure gauges.
  • On-board handle makes storage as well as shifting very easy.
  • The 1/4 inch NPT quick coupler outlet facilitates quick hose changes.
  • Quick-drain valve is easy to access
  • Comes with 2 year warranty
  • A compact size compressor.


  • This compressor is not very silent.
  • This compressor weighs around 86 lbs
  • It has long recovery time.

2. Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, 8-Gallon Horizontal Oil-Lubricated 3.7CFM 1.3HP 120V 10A 1PH (HL540100AV)

This best oil lubricated air compressor ensures faster and easier completion of projects and offers 3.7 CFM at 90 PSI.

This 125 maximum PSI compressor provides airflow to power various air tools used in homes and garages. The horizontal design, handle and rear wheels ensure easy storage as well as transportation.

Electric Induction is the power source of this compressor. This compressor has an 8 gallon cast iron cylinder with high flow regulator, and air delivery is at the rate of 4.5 SCFM @ 40 PSI and 3.7 SCFM @ 90 PSI.

This air compressor comes with a limited warranty for one year. This oil lubricated air compressor is designed for durability and long life.
This oil lubricated portable air compressor is ideal for powering a variety of air tools including inflators, spray guns, impact wrenches, air ratchets, air staplers and air nailers.

This is a compact and user-friendly air compressor. Its dual piston-pump system ensures the best motor performance and the key components last for more than 4 years.

The 8 gallon air tank produces 25% more air when compared to other 1-HP units. Tank and tool pressure can be monitored at a glance thanks to dual gauges.

The air hose connects very quickly and thereby ensures fast setup.


  • Silent operation
  • Easy maintenance, easy storage
  • Longer life
  • Large tank capacity
  • Wheels for easy transportation


  • It may overheat
  • Wheels are of lower quality.

3. Metabo HPT EC99S Electric Air Compressor

This twin stack best oil lubricated portable air compressor is provided with a cast iron pump. It has a 15 amp direct drive induction motor which ensures a longer life.

The motor will not get overheated thanks to the thermal overload protection feature. This compressor weighs just 52.9 lbs. The carrying handle makes it easy to move the compressor to the job site.

It also has a Universal Quick coupler and industrial gauges in steel cases. Proper pressure delivery is ensured by the locking regulator. The oil-lubricated, cast iron pump makes the operation cooler.

To facilitate less cycling, a 105 On/135 Off pressure switch is provided. The 15 amp direct drive induction motor makes it reliable and efficient.

Being a lightweight compressor, it is easy to carry the compressor to job sites. The steel encased industrial gauges are already installed on the unit.

This oil lubricated portable air compressor comes with a warranty for 1 year. The ball valve drain cock facilitates quick and easy draining of the tank.


  • Pressure switch is protected
  • Universal quick coupler to ensure plug functionality
  • Provided with shock-absorbing feet
  • Tank draining is made easy
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Good quality, good service, warranty


  • Less speed
  • Weight

4. Porter Cable PXCMF220VW 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

This portable air compressor is oil-free as well as durable. This compressor weighs 97 pounds. The 7-inch wheels made of good quality rubber ensure mobility.

Other notable features include low voltage start-up and high-quality motor winding with a longer life. The shroud covers all the working components.

During continuous operation, this compressor ensures good performance and reliability. This is a low-maintenance compressor and it does not require oil checks and oil changes.

It has a longer run-time. The low voltage start-up helps to reduce power consumption and also there will be less starting torque on the motor.

When compared to regular 20-gallon air compressors, this compressor provides considerably longer run time. This is a silent compressor since the sound volume is up to 83 decibels only.

The motor of this compressor is high-quality. This compressor delivers 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI 4.0 CFM at 90 PSI.


  • Oil-free and long life
  • Fully enclosed
  • High quality, extended-life motor
  • Low voltage start-up
  • Solid rubber wheels
  • 20 gallon tank
  • Unit is UL and CSA certified
  • Silent
  • Very long run time
  • Easily portable
  • Ideal for big as well as small jobs
  • Materials are of good quality


  • Weighs 97 pounds
  • No belts or pulleys
  • Air hose and air tools are not provided with the unit
  • Plastic cover does not fit the motor properly

5. BOSTITCH CAP2041ST-OL Stack Tank Compressor

The cast iron cylinder of this oil lubricated portable air compressor delivers 3.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI. The compressor starts quickly and easily with the help of a powerful induction motor and cold start valve.

The high-quality pressure switch and regulator ensure prolonged operation. This compressor has a compact design with a 4-gallon twin tank.

The compact design and 135 PSI working pressure ensure long run time and easy portability. When compared to other compressors, this one is quieter and maintains steady airflow.

The gauges are a good size and can be easily adjusted. The power cord is sufficiently long, and this compressor is designed for a single connection.

The cold start valve enables easy start even in cold climate. The site glass to monitor oil level is provided with fill and drain funnels to make the maintenance easier and more convenient.

The specially designed handle ensures the protection of the components from damage at the job site. The 4-gallon reserve tank enables multi-tool use.


  • Easy to start in cold weather
  • Fill and drain funnels for convenience
  • Excellent tool performance
  • Components protected from damage
  • Long power cord
  • Compact design
  • Steady air flow


  • Air filter is smaller
  • Unit is dispatching without adding more oil

6. General International AC1104 Portable 11 Gallon Vertical Oil-Lubricated air compressor

Well, it is the oil lubricated portable air compressor that you can count on. We ensure you that you will not get disappointed. It will serve all of your purposes. Besides, it will help you to save a lot of money. You don’t have to rely on professionals to do the work for you. With the aid of this air compressor, you can do numerous things by yourself. Now, let us examine the features that it has to offer.


  • It consists of an oil-lubricated single cylinder pump, which enhances its durability.
  • Compared to the oil-free compressors, the pump life is almost triple due to its oil lubrication features.
  • The size of the tank is 11 gallons, which is a pretty big size.
  • You don’t have to bother about noise, as it is a very quiet product.
  • You will get a two-year warranty after purchasing this oil lubricated air compressor.
  • While using the compressor, you can connect it effortlessly.


  • You can work peacefully as it is a pretty quiet air compressor.
  • The size of the tank is pretty big and can store a considerable amount of air.
  • The quality of this air compressor is up to par.
  • Besides, it will stay by your side for a long time as it is quite durable.
  • You will get a warranty of two years.


  • You have to monitor it constantly while using it.
  • There is a possibility that the lubricant can contaminate the hose, which will hamper the passing of the air.
  • Most of the time, they are crafted for commercial purposes.

7. Powermate Vx PPA1982054 20-Gallon Oil Lubricated Belt Driven Air compressor

Powermate Vx PPA1982054 20-Gallon Oil Lubricated Belt Driven Air compressor will deliver you with the best performance. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to the performance of the air compressor.

We confirm that you will be totally satisfied while using this air compressor. Well, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy if you opt for this oil lubricated portable air compressor.

Now, let us glance at the features that it has to offer.


  • It is comprised of a cast iron twin cylinder oil-lubricated pump.
  • 155 PSI is the maximum pressure that it can provide.
  • When you use the maximum pressure, you will get the most optimized performance.
  • It is a heavy-duty compressor, which will serve almost all of your purposes.
  • The induction motor is wired for 120-volt power. However, you can convert it to 240-volt.
  • The size of the tank is 20 gallons.


  • The tool performance of this air compressor is amazing and will provide you with optimized results.
  • The induction motor is wired with 120-volts, which you can convert to 240-volts.
  • It is equipped with pneumatic tires, which enhances the portability of the compressor.
  • The size of the tank is pretty big, and it can store a tremendous amount of air.


  • After buying this air compressor, you have to give considerable efforts to its maintenance, you have to monitor it regularly.
  • Besides, you have to make sure that the oil lubrication is not contaminating the hose. Or else, there is a possibility that the airflow will be blocked.

How to Choose the best oil lubricated air compressor

It is indeed a challenging task to choose the best oil-lubricated portable air compressor. Air compressors of different configurations as well as capacities are now available.

First, one should know whether he needs a light-duty portable unit or a high capacity stationary unit. Those who want to get the oil-lubricated portable air compressor should have a clear idea of its CFM and PSI.

CFM is the rate at which the compressor draws in air and compresses it. CFM is cubic feet per minute.

The degree at which the air is compressed and retained in the air tank is mentioned in terms of PSI, which is pounds per square inch.

From CFM we understand the tool driving power of the compressor at an assumed standard pressure of 90 PSI. While tools like grinders, paint-sprayers, sanders, etc. will require higher CFM supply, tools like nailers and staplers require a lower CFM supply.

Portable oil-lubricated air compressors with a tank size of 6 gallons are adequate for the non-professional users. The two-stage compressor will require a robust, as well as heavier, motor and tank.

An electrically powered compressor is always the better choice. The gas-powered compressors are costlier, heavier and noisier. They are not ideal for indoor use and require more maintenance.

Those who buy electrical air compressors can extend the reach of the compressor using a longer rubber air hose and may avoid the use of an extension cord.

While choosing the best oil lubricated portable air compressor, the buyer should take into account the performance rating of the compressor and should also ensure that the compressor is energy-efficient.

The buyer should also confirm that the compressor can handle multiple air tools and that it is durable.

Top Features Of The Best Oil-lubricated Air Compressor

The best oil-lubricated air compressor is made of quality materials and the compressor is highly durable also.

This compressor is quite compact and is not a large size. It produces very little noise and hence is a quiet compressor.

The best portable compressor is not too light since it is made of metal only. The long durability of the compressor is mainly due to the fact that it is made of the best quality cast iron.

Since it is heavy, the portability is compromised to a slight extent. The best portable compressor has a handle and rubber feet to make transportation easier.

The compressor has the handle at its top. This makes it easy and comfortable to pick up the compressor and take it around as required. The cast iron body enables it to withstand bumps and scrapes on the job site.

The best oil-lubricated air compressor assures sufficient industrial power as well as excellent performance. The oil-lubricated pump ensures reduced noise and the 2.5 HP motor will ensure the highest productivity.

The rubber feet also facilitate noise reduction by absorbing the vibration. This type of compressor is ideal for filling tires and for firing a nailer.

This unit has easy setup and the not-so-heavy construction and its compact size make it easily portable. The 150 PSI maximum tank pressure enables the compressor to store more air.

This will lead to longer tool run times. This compressor is ideal for light to medium use. The compressor is of excellent quality and it provides maximum value to the money paid.

Buying Guide Of  an oil lubricated air compressor

Those who buy a portable air compressor for the first time will find it very difficult to choose the best oil lubricated portable air compressor.

The number of applications as well as the number of features vary with the different portable compressors.

When you buy a new portable compressor, you should be able to identify the compressor which is best for your specific use.
First of all the buyer must be clear about his needs. He should know whether the compressor is for simple applications in and around the house or whether it is for use on a construction site or industrial applications.

He must know whether the compressor will be used for powering tire inflators or caulk guns. The buyer should also know the volume and pressure requirements of the compressor.

If you want to buy a heavy duty compressor it will require more volume and more pressure. The size of the compressor should match the needs of the buyer.

When the compressor is of smaller size to meet your needs you may have to spend a lot of time to get the tank full again.
The buyer has to make it a point to take into account the CFM, horsepower and portability of the compressor.

The horsepower of the air compressor will be within the range of 1.5 – 6.5 HP. For industrial applications, air compressors with greater horsepower are required.

Compressors with less horsepower are sufficient for small uses. The available space, as well as portability of the compressor, also should be considered. The compressor should not occupy too much space in the garage and it should be out of the way when stored.

Why We Recommended Those oil lubricated portable air compressors

The oil-lubricated portable air compressors that we recommended are quite reliable and are energy efficient. These portable air compressors are the best choices for painting, sandblasting, breaking, chip hammering, nail guns, staple guns and graffiti removal.

These compressors are highly durable and ensure excellent, consistent performance. These compressors provide constant and continuous airflow as well as pressure, and an air tank is not required.

So these compressors are perfectly designed, and they are really compact. The transportation of these compressors is hassle-free. They will fit through the smallest opening and at the same time they are powerful enough for the largest job sites.

They are not too heavy and are made of quality materials. The components of these portable compressors are precision engineered so that the vibration will be very low.

The engines of these portable compressors start very easily and quickly, and they run quietly.
These oil lubricated portable air compressors function smoothly without any problem in the most difficult and the most demanding situations.

They are very economical and ensure fast throttle response. The retractable handle and the air tires make transportation very easy, and even a single person can move the compressor manually.

These compressors are provided with a temperature gauge as well as oil separator. The safety shutdown feature protects the compressor as well as the engine from getting overheated.

The cast iron pump is ideal for trucks and also for running multiple tools. These portable compressors are very powerful, reliable and quiet. These compact compressors can be easily kept in the back of a car.

User Guide Of best oil lubricated air compressor

Those who use the best oil lubricated portable air compressor should check the specifications of the motor oil before using them in the compressor.

Non-detergent oils known as compressor oils are suitable for air compressors. Non-detergent motor oil can also be used in portable air compressors.

Oil is used for mainly three purposes – lubrication, sealing and removal of heat. Those who use new compressors should mix 4 oz oil with 12 oz of refrigerant.

The compressor will function properly and with maximum efficiency when there is a proper mix of lubricants. While installing a new compressor, ensure that the correct amount of oil is added.

Excess oil in the compressor can cause oil trips.

It is very important to properly maintain the air compressor and its inner components. The maintenance tasks must be carried out according to the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Proper maintenance of the compressor can extend the lifespan of the tool by a few years.

Lubricated portable air compressor: the portable device to help you anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are a mechanic or a homeowner, the oil-lubricated portable air compressors may cause you some trouble you can never overcome. New information and technology are growing faster every year. And, with that, we have progressed through the oil-free air compressors. But, some homeowners still own the oil-lubricated portable air compressors. These air compressors are such exceptional gadgets.

  • The oil-lubricated portable air compressors last longer than other types. The oil-free air compressors have complaints on their name that they don’t last as long or are not as dependable as the oil-lubricated ones. The routine lubrication and maintenance makes them the durable air compressors and gives them a longer lifespan than the first oil-free machines.
  • These oil-lubricated air compressors are less noisy than the other oil-free air compressors. At least less noisy than those which feature sound-reducing technologies.
  • The oil-lubricated air compressors run cooler than the other air compressors and withstand more in extreme conditions, especially in intense heat conditions. The oil-lubricated portable air compressors are desired in working in heat and humid conditions.

What are oil-lubricated compressors?

Oil-lubricated air compressors are the air compressors that have an attached oil dipper to the compressor’s bottom. The oil dipper splashes oil randomly from the crankcase reservoir to the internal parts and in the bearings of the compressors.

That helps to keep them lubricated. This is one of the most common forms of air compressor lubrication and mostly used in the reciprocating type of air compressor. The benefits that these types of air compressors offer are unmatched. Here are a few of them:

  • The oil-lubricated air compressors are the most durable and least noisy.
  • These compressors are available in mostly large sizes. However, irrespective of the size, it creates less noise.
  • The best oil lubricated portable air compressors will not be lighter in weight as these air compressors are made wholly with metal. The best portable compressors, however, consist of a handle and rubber feet to make the transportation easier.
  • The compressor has a handle on the top. It makes it easy to pick the compressor up and take around as required. The cast iron body of these compressors helps it to withstand the scrapes and bumps on the job site.

Are oil-less compressors good?

The oil-less compressors, with the help of technology, have come a long way. The new age, high-end oil-free product is better than the old ones and sometimes better than the oil-lubricated portable compressors too.

These advanced products extend the longevity of these oil-free compressors. They may have a 2000 hour lifespan. However, there are also some disadvantages with the oil-free portable air compressors. The advantages and disadvantages of this kind of air compressor are here below.

Pros of the oil free air compressors:

  • The first and most fantastic advantage of the oil-free air compressors is that they are oil-free. So, there are fewer chances of pollution with them.
  • The old oil-less compressors were noisy, but the new high-end oil-free compressors are the ones that are less noisy and extend the life cycle of the compressor.
  • Cleaner, drier air is another advantage of these air compressors.
  • They are lighter and thus more portable than the other oil-free compressors.
  • These compressors are maintenance-free; they don’t need regular oiling.

Cons of the oil-less air compressors:

  • The pumps of these high-end oil-less air compressors run at half the speed of the older compressors.

Few tips for choosing an oil-lubricated air compressor:

If you have made up your mind to buy an oil-less portable air compressor, then here are a few things that you should keep in mind before you step into the shop or in the online market. Here is a buying guide for these oil lubricated air compressors.

  • Be clear about your needs: If you are opting for an oil-lubricated portable air compressor and you want the best fit for your job, keep in mind what job you want to accomplish with the air compressor. You must know if you want them to power the caulk guns or the tire inflators.
  • If a heavy-duty compressor is wanted: If you want a heavy-duty compressor, you should keep the volume and pressure in mind. More volume and pressure will be needed with the heavy-duty compressors. It should be according to the needs of the buyers.
  • Horsepower and CFM: Always remember that horsepower and CFM are not the same thing. With smaller size compressors, the horsepower and CFM are less, and the portability of these compressors gets them extra marks. True. But the user has to spend a lot of times again to fill this kind of tank.

Is oil-free better than lubricated air compressor?

The oil-free and the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors have got pros and cons of their own. It mainly depends on your requirements. Well, the oil-free compressors are cheap, lightweight and produce a similar amount of airflow and pressure as that of the lubricated air compressors. But they are much too loud.

When placed in a room, they produce so much noise that at times it becomes difficult to sit there. That is among one of its main disadvantages. And it turns out that most of its consumers switch to the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors. Especially, those with kids or elderly people at home.

Surely it is not going to damage the eardrums, but it disturbs the mind.

Another catch is its durability. The oil-free compressors cannot serve long compared to the lubricated air compressors. That is because of its friction model that wears and tears the parts inside. The compressor goes out a few months after the purchase.

In a way, though it is cheaper, the durability factor forces the consumer to shop again. In every way, it apparently appears to be more expensive compared to Oil-Lubricated Air Portable compressors.

What is the best oil for the air compressor?

The Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors require thick lubrication weight in the summers or hot climate. On the other hand, the thin viscosity is better for the cold weather. In this regard, two different oils would be required to make proper use of the compressor.

Before you change the oil of your compressor it is better to study the manual. It has the complete information about what grading would be best for that compressor. Further, one of the best consumer recommendations includes Royal Purple Synfilm Recip 100 High-Performance Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricant.

This is a 30 weight lubricant, which equals ISO 100. Such oils are beneficial for all climates. But they are best in the hotter ones.

If you are living somewhere in a cold climate or often have low temperatures, then you would need a 20 weight oil. The Powermate Px P018-0084SP is one such example that is good for low temperature or cold areas. This oil is detergent-free and it is synthetic. Certainly, this means that no carbon deposits as well as frictionless operation. Just like the Royal Purple this oil is also an all-weather lubricant. However, make sure to go through the manual before making any purchase.

What viscosity is air compressor oil?

The air compressor oils have varied viscosity. Commonly it is perceived that the viscosity of the oil is graded to run the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressor in specific climates. But actually, the viscosity grading is to suit the mechanism inside the compressor.

The viscosity of the oil is very important when choosing the right oil for the compressor. Generally, the 20W or the 30W oils are available in the market. The 20W or 20 weight oils are thin and flow smoothly through the parts. Based on their watery attribute they are recommended for cold climates.

Thick viscosity can cause the machine to not operate properly, and you may even face difficult starting it up.

The 30W or 30 weight oils are best suited for the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors operating in a hot climate. They tend to reduce more friction compared to the thin oils. This reduces the heat generation in the machine as well as reduces any wear and tear.

Consequently, the compressor performs smoothly. Besides W or weight, the viscosity is also noted as SAE.

That is an equivalent measurement of oil viscosity. In addition to that, some oils are also labeled in ISO. The ISO scale is widely used to measure the viscosity of the lubricant.

Can I use regular motor oil in compressor?

Compressor oils need to be free from detergents. But motor oils or engine oils have detergents included in them. The detergents affect the performance of the compressor. Alongside it also effects its durability. Certainly, the performance goes down as well as the durability is decreased.

As a result, your compressor may not last longer than expected. Ahead of that, the detergents deposit carbon on the components and increase the friction. The increased friction causes wear and tear. Although some of your friends may recommend using the motor or engine oil in the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressor.

But that is not a good practice. They may even state that they have got no issues with it. It is because the issues start appearing with time.

Using a synthetic compressor oil will increase the life of your compressor. The synthetic ability in the oil removes any friction in the components. Along with that, it keeps the parts running smoothly.

This enhances the performance of the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressor. And it also increases its durability. Ahead of that, using the synthetic compressor oil may also increase its durability. This may reduce the maintenance cost over time.

What can I substitute for compressor oil?

Using the compressor oil in the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors is the recommended practice. But if you wish to replace it, then some options may come in handy. Although the compressor oils have everything needed for a compressor.

And even they cover every part within the machine. However, due to reasons like unavailability of the right oil, you may use the substitutes. Well, hydraulic oils serve as one of the fundamental substitutes. Especially they are beneficial for the low-temperature areas. There they could serve as the much-needed lubricant for the machine.

Besides, the transmission fluids are also another good substitute for the compressor oils. They have the ability to work as hydraulic oil. Ahead of that, they do not let the carbon deposit on the parts. Further, they even work as a coolant.

Additionally, they are also anti-oxidant, which means the parts will remain rust-free. The synthetic oils could also do the job. But they are limited for a specific use. Well, the climate does not matter for them at all. Instead, they can work in every situation.

These are best recommended when there are carbon traces in the machinery.

How do I change the oil in my air compressor?

Changing oil in the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressor is like a walk in the park. First, make sure to read the manual for the oil changing methods. Generally, the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors have a similar method of changing the oil.

But usually, what differs is the pin location. Well, it is different than changing the oil in the car. And it would be better to be prepared else things could go wrong. When changing the oil, first locate the drain plug. The drain plug flows the oil out of the compressor.

Check for any obstacle that may cause trouble while draining the oil. You will need a pan or a bottle in which you could drain the oil. Plastic pans and bottles would be better to use as the drain catchers. Now put the pan or bottle under the drain plug and let the lubricant flow out of the compressor.

Most of the compressors will not require lifting to drain the oil stuck inside. But some may. Ensure complete drainage. After the oil has drained completely, plug the drain hole closed. When pouring the oil into the compressor, use a funnel. This makes it easier to add the oil in.

Why oil is used in the compressor?

The compressors need oil to run at full efficiency. Not all compressors need oil. Some compressors work without any lubricant. And compressors like the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors require oil. Comparatively, the oil compressors are more efficient and durable than the oil-less compressors. It is required to put the right oil only to make the compressor run for a long time and perform smoothly.

Well, compressors without oil are definitely cheap. Also, they do not have any additional expense of lubricants. But they are less durable and live for a very short time. This is because the machine inside the compressor is similar to the oiled compressors.

And when it does not get any lubrication, the parts start wearing out. Although the oil-less compressors do come lubricated. But soon as that lubrication dries out, it starts deteriorating. And such compressors cannot be oiled because there is no inlet valve for the oil.

This is why the bigger compressors with great pressure and airflow use oil. It keeps the inside parts safe and free from any friction. As a result, the maintenance cost is reduced and the lifespan is increased. We recommend reading the manual to know which oil is best for your compressor.

Can I use hydraulic oil in my compressor?

Hydraulic oils are different than the compressor oils. But they have some features that make them usable in the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors. First is that hydraulic oils have lower viscosity. This means they are best suited for the cold climates.

If you are living somewhere with a cold climate, hydraulic oils could be used instead of compressor oils. The oil flows smoothly within the parts compared to the compressor oil. As it is thinner, it lubricates the parts inside faster. And as a result, the compressor remains normal.

Well, hydraulic oils are best for the crank-case or the pump compressors. Further, in the cold climates, it is better to use a 10 weight hydraulic oil.

Ahead of that, the hydraulic oils do not get oxidized. This lubrication quality keeps the material rust-free. Similarly, when put in the compressor, the inside parts will remain rust-free. Additionally, the compressors include sealants inside.

These are added to ensure the oil storage within the machinery instead of allowing it into the air lines. And hydraulic oils are made to work with the sealants are similar material. Hence, it will cause no trouble to the compressor.

How much compressor oil do I need?

Every compressor has a different requirement for the oil. The instructions for the oil measurement could be read from the manual. Some of the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressors require half a liter of oil. But some may suffice with a couple of ounces.

The oil measurement depends on the size of the compressor. Every time the same amount of oil is to be poured inside. Any variation in the measurement could cause trouble. Trouble may include heat generation to the component’s failure.

The worst part is that the compressor will stop functioning. So you better read the manual to see how much oil you should pour in the compressor.

Besides, the frequency of the oil change depends on the usage. First, the type of the Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressor matters. If that is a reciprocating compressor, it may require oil change every three months.

This is also defined as after every 800 hours of operation the oil needs to be changed. But if that is a rotatory Oil Lubricated Portable Air compressor, it requires oil change after every 7000 hours of operation.

However, if you do not use the compressor frequently, make sure to change the oil once after every 6 months as the oil stored in the compressor could cause damage.

Can I add too much oil to AC compressor?

Adding too much oil to the AC compressor is never recommended. Only fill it to the top when needed. Need is judged by the dipstick. If the dipstick goes low on oil, the compressor will require to be filled to the top. Besides, this could also be judged by the behavior of the compressor.

If it is getting hot frequently or is creating too much noise, it means it needs oil. The recommended way is to change the oil when needed rather than adding to it.

But if the oil was changed recently before the behavior changed, the topping off would suffice.

Well, if too much oil is added to the compressor, it may flow to the air lines. When the compressor is unable to adjust the oil in the machinery, it starts flowing it out. Since there is no other way for drain then the drain plug. The compressor starts flowing it into the air lines.

And it comes out with the air. Although, most of the compressors have a separator that does not allow oil into the air lines. But in situations like overfilling the compressor, the separator may stop working. In that very situation, remove the excessive oil.

Pricing About Oil Lubricated Portable Air Compressor

If you are thinking of buying an oil lubricated portable air compressor, you are on the right path. It consists of numerous benefits that will make your life easier. Besides, with a portable air compressor on your side, you can take care of multiple things. However, you have to be a bit prudent while opting for a new air compressor. Numerous factors influence the price of an air compressor. Here are the factors that you must acknowledge. It will help you to make the right decision when it comes to pricing.


Make sure that the horsepower rating of your air compressor is up to the mark. Besides, determining the horsepower will also give you a brief idea about the size of the compressor. However, there are instances where the marketing guys will exaggerate the horsepower. Thus, be careful while choosing your air compressor.

Air pressure

Another factor that is responsible for the price of your air compressor is the air pressure. Well, the air pressure is rated in PSI or per square inch. Most of the times, you will observe that the portable air compressors comprise the air pressure of 90 PSI. Well, 90 PSI is the minimum pressure which is required to make your compressor run properly.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM)

CFM is the volume of the air which your compressor requires to run. Therefore, if you are seeking an Oil lubricated portable air compressor of 90 PSI, make sure that the CFM is at least 3-4. Therefore, be very precise whenever you are checking out the air compressors. Also, CFM has a considerable role to play when it comes to pricing.

Tank size

Tank size is also a significant feature of an air compressor. The bigger the tank, the better benefits you will enjoy. Therefore, even if you choose a small compressor, make sure that the tank is big enough. It will help you to store a considerable amount of air.

Why should you buy from Amazon?

There are myriad reasons for which you must buy your oil lubricated portable air compressor from Amazon. Let us review the reasons so that you don’t have to go through any confusion while buying.

They have a vast collection

One of the most exceptional parts of Amazon is that they have an extensive collection. Once you visit the Amazon site, you will find a lot of products. You can choose any of those products according to your preference. Also, you will get a chance to compare numerous products so that you can choose the best one for you.

You will get the best prices

Another perk of shopping from Amazon is that you will get the best rates there. Compared to other online stores, Amazon will provide you with an optimized price. To be precise, while shopping from Amazon, you don’t have to worry about your budget. Besides, you will get some fascinating deals on that site all around the year.


Reliability is the most essential thing that you will get from Amazon. If you order something from Amazon, you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, you will not need to complain about a single thing. They have quite a dependable customer service that will help you whenever you want.

The shipping is pretty cheap and fast

Whenever you are doing online shopping, the extra shipping charge is always a big deal. However, whenever you are shopping from Amazon, you don’t have to worry much about the shipping charge. The shipping charge of Amazon is pretty cheap. Thus, you don’t have to think about the hole in your pocket.


Whenever you go through the reviews on Amazon, you will notice that most of the reviews are positive. Also, a massive number of people are using the online shopping site, Amazon. They are pretty happy about Amazon’s service.


Considering the facts of the article, choosing the right compressor or saying that this one is better than the other one is tough.

  • The right compressor will be the one that best fits your requirements.
  • Always consider things like how much support crew you have.
  • There are also things like electricity and other things that you should keep in mind. That if you will get an uncut power supply in your workplace or you have to work with the oil-lubricated or the gas engine compressor.
  • Also, have a look at your budget before opting for any kind of portable air compressors.

However, no matter what air compressor you choose, maintaining them is a very important aspect to maintain their longevity. It is essential to maintain the inner components of the air compressor properly. The developers schedule this maintenance task, and you will get it most likely in the user manual.

Whether oil-lubricated or not, if maintained properly and used in the right applications, they will give a long-time service to the users.

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